The Official Windrush commemoration magazine 2018

Sugar Media and Marketing are to publish a  Special Windrush commemoration magazine celebrating of the Windrush Generation and its legacy to Britain as part of the 70th anniversary in June 2018.

The magazine will provide personal narratives, insight, comments and reflections highlighting the Windrush Generation who came to Britain to those born in the Millennium and the diversity of migration over the last 70 years from the Commonwealth and Europe.

The magazine will have four distinctive sections:
• Recognition of Windrush Generation and Pioneers
• The importance of the migrant contribution to Britain
• Celebrating multicultural and secular Britain from 1948 to 2018
• The future of diversity and BAME communities in post-Brexit Britain

There will a special dedicated website covering regional and national listings of Windrush activities and commissioned articles and features.

• The magazine will be distributed at a special Windrush memorial service on 22nd of June at Westminster Abbey with 2,500 senior and high-profile decision makers, movers and shakers from public and political life.
• Public and Private Sector Organisations
• Communities Groups, Charities and organisations
• Schools, Colleges and Universities
• BAME groups and community organisations and charities.
• Bookshops and independent Retailers

Windrush Documentary
To support Windrush celebrations there will 20-minute documentary based on interviews and archives films exploring the meaning of Windrush and migration. The documentary will be resource on the website