For advertising to be effective, it must resonate with its targeted population. 

It is often not their racial or ethnic identity that determines minorities’ response to a brand, but rather, how welcoming they feel the brand is toward them. This is a challenge in the UK. Most advertising campaigns are accompanied by people and faces which do not represent the BME community. This can be through the media it is delivered, or the advertising campaign itself. Some advertising campaigns feature no minorities at all. This lack of representation can lead to feelings of exclusion and alienation.

At Diverse Media Group, we hold a portfolio of BME publications which positively represent the BME community, celebrate achievements, and honour members of the community. By placing your brand in our media, you will have more opportunity to be seen by more members of the BME community and will be at the forefront of inclusive advertising.

Brands that are equally welcoming and warm to all consumers will receive universally similar responses. Failure to do so is a failure to court UK consumers with exponentially growing purchasing power. Your organisation cannot afford this failure.