Daniel Tulloch, PhD

I founded Diverse Media Group to better serve the BME community. By adopting innovative and new sale processes, we can deliver more value to both our clients and prospects. We use data-driven systems and technologies to ensure we’re targeting the right prospects.

I have been connected to the black media industry my entire life; you’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone with more passion and commitment. As a teenager, I completed my first work experience at The Voice Newspaper, Britain’s favourite black newspaper, under the mentorship of the late Val McCalla. From 2004 to present, I worked as a consultant for Black UK Online (BUKO) and Keep The Faith Magazine.

Beyond Diverse Media Group, I am a Senior Adviser at the Electricity Authority (New Zealand) and Visiting Researcher at the University of Oxford. I also hold a PhD in finance – so I’m naturally good with numbers!

I’m looking forward to working with you and thank you for supporting Diverse Media Group.